Advanced Therapy Clinic specializes in......

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Feeding Specialist
  • ABA (Behavioral Therapy)
  • **Now offering counseling services from a Licensed Clinical Social Worker** (LCSW)
  • ST and OT for Adults

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Our Mission

Advanced Therapy Clinic LLC focuses on providing individuals with comprehensive and effective therapy. Combining proper diagnosis with short term and long term approaches to therapy, our goal is to get results that will give individuals a better quality of life in the future.

Advance Therapy Clinic LLC works with individuals of all ages from a wide variety of backgrounds. We work closely with families to create plans that go beyond the sessions and give patients the tools they need to make progress each day.

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When our son David was diagnosed with Autism, our therapist Anna Brown became an important part of our lives. She not only worked with David in speech, she also gave us the tools and information we needed to continue his progress at home. Anna was an invaluable resource for us as we had so many questions and concerns. It is her approach with David and attention to the needs of our entire family that have contributed to his progress.
— Susan H. -Mother of David and 3 other children

Why Choose Advanced Therapy Clinic

All the therapists and staff at ATC strive to combine the science with the art of providing services. We all hold licenses to practice in our field, and maintain the highest professional standards. However, our goal is to provide a caring, fun family atmosphere by showing our love of children and dedication to achieving close, personal relationships with the families we serve. We believe that the more fun children have, the more motivated they will be to work hard and improve. So come play and grow with us!