Social Skills

 Research tells us that the two most important predictors of a child’s long term success are strong social skills and the ability to develop meaningful friendships. 
Advanced Therapy Clinic offers Social Group therapy to help children develop lifelong skills related to

  • Listening

  • Attention

  • Developing Friendships

  • Appropriate play

  • Taking Turns

  • Anger Management

  • Making conversation

  • Physical boundries

Our Social Skills groups are 6 weeks, with each week focusing on 1 new skill while reinforcing previous weeks skills.

After the completing of a 6 week program, children can move up to the next group to further develop new skills and reinforce those already learned.

Groups are limited to 6 children with similar development to allow every participant a chance to learn and grow.

Social groups start every 6 weeks, year round. To join a group, please Contact Us