Anna Brown, M.A., CCC-SLP
Owner and Director

Speech Therapy


Anna Brown is the founder, co-owner, and clinical director of Advanced Therapy Clinic. She has a passion for working with children and believes that early intervention is critical to helping children achieve their communication and developmental potential. Anna takes great pride in her ability to connect with kids and support families. She enjoys watching the profound change often seen in a family dynamic as the child develops and increases their communication skills. Anna has worked in the medical and educational field helping children and adults in hospitals, schools, and in private clinics across the US; in California, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Montana.  She loves the personalization and intensity that is possible in a private setting as she sees faster gains and greater family involvement in this environment.

Anna earned her Bachelor of Arts from Bozeman, Montana and then her Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Oklahoma. Go Sooners!  She holds a certificate of clinical competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA), the national association for Speech Language Pathologists. Anna is also licensed by the state of Montana Affairs Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board.

Anna has worked for over fifteen years with pediatric populations and has worked as a certified speech language pathologists for more than ten years. Her experiences include working with children with developmental delays such as Autism, various syndromes and genetic conditions including Down Syndrome and neuromuscular disorders such as Cerebral Palsy. Anna is trained in oral placement and motor planning techniques, along with the Kauffman approach for children with Apraxia of Speech. She is trained in the Lidcombe Program for Stuttering, the "Hanen" It takes two to talk for late talkers, and "Hanen" More Than Words program for children with Autism.  Anna is certified in the Autism Diagnostic Observation scale (ADOS), which one of the gold standards for diagnosing children with Autism. She has experience working with a specialized team to provide this comprehensive assessment to help identify and diagnose children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She also has extensive experience working with local Regional Centers providing early intervention services for children birth to three years of age in homes. Anna serves on the Cranial-facial Cleft Palate Team for the State of Montana in Billings, MT.

Anna’s specialized focus has been on infant and toddler feeding, picky eating, and oral motor feeding topics: sensory integration disorders; oral sensory feeding disorders; tube feedings; oral aversion, failure to thrive, pediatric dysphagia (swallowing disorders), cleft palate, and working with children with neuro-motor involvement.

Anna has completed numerous in-staff, parent training sessions, attended seminars- summits on various feeding topic, including the International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference at the advanced level. Anna Brown is a mom who once had a child with feeding delays, and picky eating.  She’s experienced first-hand the stress that parents feel when they are worried about their child’s nutritional health.  Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Anna blending her knowledge of feeding therapy practical parenting strategies that help the entire family implement strategies for happy, stress free, safe eating.

She is committed to continuing her education and staying current on the latest research-based treatment methods for all disorders. Anna believes that every child has the potential to improve; therefor she sets high standards so that the children she works with will perform to higher levels of success.